Master Stewart Armotrading

  • Heavyweight Champion of the world 2010/2012
  • House of Commons Awarded
  • Mayor of Slough Awarded
  • Head Coach for TKD England Limited
  • Examiner for the National Governing Body
  • 10 yrs undefeated MMA Champion
  • Consistent producer of British Champions
  • Taught Queens Guards at Knightsbridge
  • Coached Irish National team at Junior World Championships
  • Coached British National team at Senior World Championships
  • Produced players for film, TV and photographic engagements

Master Stewart Armotrading – Head coach Throughout his career, Master Armotrading has been continually recognised for his achievements  and was awarded by the ‘House of Commons’ for his excellence in sport and teaching and for the inspiration he gives to young people to work hard so that the excel in their sport’  He also recently claimed the ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’  title after coming out of competition retirement in 2010 and was awarded ‘Coach of the year’ by the Mayor of Slough.  During his 31 years in the field Master Armotrading has claimed many titles before embarking as a coach in 1991.  He taught the Queens Guards at Knightsbridge, coached at the World Games, Coached British, Irish and Welsh National Teams, Coached a European Champions and produced Martial Artists for Film and TV and Photographic work.  He is employed as a mentor for local schools delivering life coaching skills. Master Armotrading is passionate about every student and the benefits Taekwondo can offer and follows the Tenets of Taekwondo in his professional and personal life.

Though his professional achievements are extensive, what is most apparent about Master Armotrading is his passion for people.  He wants what he teaches to improve lives.  He knows the name of every one of our 200 students and can raise a smile onall of their faces at any time. and often gives them the strangest of nicknames.   He is warm and approachable and has a unique calmness and magical way about him. This is proven by the continuing tribute paid to him by parents standing outside the class. Over time Master Armotrading has become a trusted friend and guide to many.