Timetable & Prices

What should you pay per hour?

When searching for a school it is essential to note the length of class time. The norm is to be offered 2 x 45min classes per week for approx £60 per month, after removing the warm ups, this leaves just 4 hours of lesson per month , or £15 per hour… A very expensive hourly rate!!  At Future our juniors train for 4 hours in just one week!! receiving 350% more training every time they walk through the door and they get it from the House of Commons and Mayor of Slough awarded, Heavyweight Champion of the World and Taekwondo Englands National Team Coach, yet cost just £5 per hour!!  This is why we are the only martial arts club who display their charges and times of lesson on their site, because we are proud of them.

Future also give fantastic sibling discount PLUS multiple attendance discount too (see below)  We also have our Future Kickers Club for 5-7 year olds every Monday across the hall at Herschel from 6-7pm at £35 per month.

Venues and Times

For map and directions to all venues please check our ‘contact’ page

Mon 6-7pm (Little Kickers 5-7 yrs)| Absolutely Fitness, Herschel School, Whitby Road, Slough

Mon 6-7.30pm(chd) 6-8pm(sen) | Absolutely Fitness, Herschel School, Whitby Road, Slough

Thurs 6-7.30pm ch & sen | Absolutely Fitness, East Berks College, Langley

Fri 6-7.30pm(ch) 6-8pm(sen)Absolutely Fitness, Herschel School, Whitby Road, Slough

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