Why Future?

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Tenets of Taekwondo – The Art of Hand and Foot

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

For many it is difficult to judge a good martial arts school from a bad one.  We all say we’re good, but unless you already know the sport how do you judge?  Well there are a few simple things to look for when choosing the right one.

1. Do they have an international alliance? – If your school has no international governing body this means that their grades (belts) have no worldwide recognition.  In simple terms – If I open a school called ‘incredikicks’ and you gained a black belt at my school, you would have a black belt in Incredikicks which means nothing to anyone apart from the club called Incredikicks.   As soon as you walk out of my class the belt has no recognition at all as is not a recognised martial art.  Taekondo is one of only three martial arts in the Olympics so its worldwide recognition of belts is without doubt. Future Taekwondo are affiliated to British Tkd who hold the Olympic Mandate, World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon, the international bodies for certification.

2.Who are the instructors? Future Taekwondo is run by the accredited Master Stewart Armotrading who has produced many great Champions.  He coached the Queens Guards at Knightsbridge and the Army in Windsor.  He was recently held the post of National Team Coach for the Tkd EnglandOrganisation, , was a British Taekwondo Coach and is also a National Examiner. He has produced 3 world champions and 28 British Champions.  ALL our staff are students who have worked their way up through our school under the guidance of Master Armotrading so all maintain the highest standards that he has set for the school.

3.  Do the club test itself – Many clubs and schools will never test their students skills outside of their own organisation.  Interclub tournaments and gradings are the furthest they will  go.  If a club is testing itself on the National and International stage it is because they believe their students are capable, which means they believe they have taught them well enough to compete at this level.  This is confidence in your teaching ability.  Future Taekwondo regularly take their students to both national and international competitions and we do so with amazing results.   Check our winning style.  Look at the standard of competition and the fact that we are on the winners rostrum at every single event. See our exam pass rate which has been maintained at over 99% for twenty years!!

4. Special needs – It takes a particular skill to work well with ‘special needs’ and ‘statemented’ children, and at Future we welcome everyone because we know we have the ability to reach them and improve their worlds.  At any one time in the class you will see up to 5 special needs students who are reaching goals and increasing their self-belief and are absolutely comfortable in our hall.

5. Do they get good reviews?  Search on review websites and see what people are saying about the club,  go to the school and talk to the parents about the club.  See the achievments their students have made. For future reveiws, click the links below and see more below